"I can’t recommend Stacey Carter and her fitness services enough. I’ve been lucky enough to train with Stacey as a coach at the local CrossFit gym and seen how excellent her knowledge and professionalism was there, so when I become pregnant with my second baby I knew Stacey offered services to help pregnant and postpartum women with their fitness I had no hesitation in attending her classes and Strength/Yoga workshops with Yoga 202. Her knowledge and understanding of a pregnant woman’s needs when it comes to fitness is fantastic, she explains things thoroughly and not just for fitness but for you to understand looking after yourself & your body pre and postpartum. If you're looking for someone to help you along your pregnant or post journey Stacey Carter Fitness is who you need."


"I did Stacey's 6 week Pregnancy Workshop that included exercises and stretches to educate and assist pregnant women during and after pregnancy and it was fantastic. There can be a lot of information provided to women that are pregnant or had children - what you can and can't do, attending Stacey's classes were not at all overwhelming, they were educating and relatable.(especially Stacey being a new Mum, there is a level of understanding, passion and support). I 100% recommend giving Stacey's classes/workshops a go!!" 



"I would highly recommend Stacey to any pregnant or postpartum mumma. I met Stacey last year during my first pregnancy. I have always been an active person but as it was my first pregnancy I was nervous about working out, that was until I started to attend Stacey classes. Working out with Stacey was fantastic, she talked through everything first and made the workouts challenging while still keeping bub and me safe. Best of all the classes were fun and a great way to meet other pregnant mummas and share the journey together. I am so pleased we to have meet Stacey and can't wait to continue my postpartum journey with her." 


"Stacey is fantastic, I trained with Stacey regularly during my pregnancy attending her “Pregnancy class” and also the 6 week “Workshop” . 

It was incredibly informative and educational and Stacey worked to correct my form and technique to protect my body and growing baby from any harm but empowered me to keep fit and healthy at the same time. Now as I continue with my postpartum journey I still hear Stacey’s voice telling me “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!!!” 



"I really enjoyed Stacey’s pregnancy classes. It really helped me understand my body more and keep active right up until the end. Highly recommend!!".